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After discussing couple of years about forming a electronic music band Miseria Ultima was formed in Finland, by Aleksi Martikainen and Kimmo Huhtala in year 2016.

The music of Miseria Ultima combines EBM and dark electro with a spices from other electronic music genres.

After forming Miseria Ultima made an demo called ”Unfocus” and released it as digital version in the beginning of 2017 which got good response from the audience and from the labels. At the moment band is making music to their debut full-lenght album and playing gigs, keeping their sight focused deep into future.


Aleksi Martikainen – Vocals, Lyrics.
Kimmo Huhtala – Synths, programming.

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 (Album 2017)

01. Omega Transmission

Countless are the traces now
Swept by the seasons
The garden of endless paths
Now particles in dust
The abiding marks departed
Sentinel of meaningless icons
The halos written in the flesh
Unseen world in our hands

Tides have turned, against
Drowning in shades, of blue
Start omega, transmission
Lost in time, without you

Pining the reveries,
In a current of memories
Only for the brave heart,
Dead satellites call far

Beyond the touch
Of endless reflection
The reveries in rust
By distant affliction
Seeking comfort
From the thoughts
No claws to clasp,
Against craving fought

02. Shift To Crimson

Alight, driven myself to see,
How fragmentary soul bleeds,
Casting stones, now raining down
Broken heart, high hopes

Still no light shed,
In awe I gaze,
The dying sun
Everything disappeared,

Curtains fall, trail of dust,
Shadows call, taken down,
Focused to red,
All seen death

03. Morningstar

Angel glare, in these mirrors of the soul
Feel the motion, in this gleam
Take this hand, it’s my heart
Drape it silver, build it stronger
Believe all , of my desire
I will follow, you to bliss
Adoring the, beauty of the words
That your lips, whisper

All this is meant to be
The crimson coloured peel
All sinking into a endless dream
Unbound, tearless, the one for me

Absolved by, her pale hand
The rusted chains, left with spasm
Together we, will live forever
Elusive thoughts, now gone
The glimpse, of tomorrow song
The sword, that constructs
Green eyes, bleed no blood
Silent moment, in the darkness

Building the stronghold above the towers,
moments remain here
Strength of the pulse crushes the chest,
Being strong enough to take the rest

04. Garden Of Abstractions

You say, you rain light – All seen; opposed tears
You say, that you stream – All seen; you crawl

Absence of joy, dawn wears, the ivory armour, the shelter for this hurt

You say, you lay the cloak – All seen; submitting and bowing
You say, emptiness avails – All seen; wounds so cruel

05. Scarlet

Gates to constant bliss, Opens before
Subtle glimpse of hope, Basking in gleam of rays
The vines that held you as one, now a chain reneging you apart
Watching from a distance, cherishing for the disperse

A vast space, the stranded past of wounds
Cascade of my sudden loss, runs deeper than anything
A view of crimson sun, beyond the gates of lead 

Mirror escapes the dim reflection, the traces, what you were
Cloak of ashes, seals the flicker of light, in your eyes
Lacerates the flesh, like the poison erodes veins
Wan hands crawl towards, the gate now barred

06. Neuroveil

The tempest within
The wheel of power
Turns no more
Fragments fall into core
Breaking the circles
Dividing the thin lines
Cycling thoughts in blur
Today the total disorder

Awakening metropolis
In white lights it drowns
The cybernetic affliction
Neuroveil, the ascension

Transmission lost to self
Shell of metal evades the pain
Combination of skin and shade
Neon eyes, slowly disarrays

07. The Deep Red Heart

The iron gates closed
Against the pale horizon
Blighting hollow clouds
Above the gleaming pillars
Stones shed around
The archway in ruin

Deep red
Memories wear crimson
Deep red
Blindness falls deep

Built by the most brave
Slowly fading into waste
It swept with the arctic winds
With the arrogance to blind
Magnetized into the bare
The striking bliss in loss

08. Submerged

Disarray, dark corridors
Designate the way, the world
Shadows passing, invisible
Broken hand of the flesh statue

Blood poisoned, blackened in colour


Black creatures, wandering
Corridors of abandon
Decay of once noble
Wolves in the ballroom

Blood poisoned, blackened in colour
Heart venomous, blackened in colour

09. Halo Of Affliction

In a garden of tranquillity
Pulsing through past
Coma like stead
In constant repose

Dust settles down
Halo Of Affliction
Ascension in final awe
Drowning in crystal of blood

Touch from distance
Woe turns to bliss
Wings carry me above
Into shades of light

10. Latter Disarray

It has come to this, memories turning into reality
Below are the lines of endless lights
Breath drowns cold with the clouds
Bitter taste of, fear, the morbid, thoughts of life, Facing the truth

Medication unties the sights, from the awe, called burden
Understanding, everything escapes
Flashes of the future relief,

Face it – you will be forgotten, catch the truth
Equal to zero or even less, you will be not missed

Needles, open the route, into being
Colours, in this room, all blue and black
Stories, running through, thoughts
In meantime, only which runs, is the time

11. Shapeshifter Of Dreams

The needle clasps against the arm, reflecting the veins with bleed, Stillborn after the years, Eyes bereft of reaction, to life nor to will ,constant undertow, swathed depression,

Yelding in pain, submit for craving

Yelding in pain, submit for craving, dismaying ghost, among in awe
Solace through, the words of love, even this soul, clusters in glass

Seductive is the hand that parts, the woe from the love, her sudden awakeness
The affection of being deserted, lapsed into clarity, enraptured by words, of endless life

12. Vertigo

Past falls through this shattered dream, painting the mirages
Devoted the years for self-isolation, euthanizing it all to this conclusion
Watch it all now flow, so slow these years in absence
Clambering higher with hope, of sudden relief

Bleak is the stream running beneath, garnished by snow and dusk
Cold waves embrace in this leaden stillness, bonds breaking apart

Raising hands towards the rain, futile was this life to live
Pictures torn lay in waste, blurred image of horizon
Frail are the hands, that carry me, with-holding dim, shred of memories

Yet again distress, strikes, from within, binding it all deep
No way to escape, these corrupted senses, sense of final end
Even the fate couldn’t divine, this tragedy of ailing man

Of satellites and rusted reveries

(Demo 2017)

  • 01. Omega Transmission


(Demo 2017)

  • 01. Submerged
  • 02. Garden Of Abstractions
  • 03. Shift – To Crimson
  • 04. Haven In Bane
  • 05. Latter Disarray
  • 06. Undone
  • 07. Silver Raven


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